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Depending on where you live there are different options to travel to Sicily.

The advantage of travelling by car is that there is no need to hire a car during your stay on Sicily. On the other hand the distance is long so it is only worth doing in case of a longer vacation. Apart from the cost of extra lodging the costs for toll roads through Italy are about €150,-- and for the ferry between Villa San Giovanni and Messina about €80,-- round trip.

Car and ferry
Instead of driving through Italy it is also possible to take the ferry from Genoa to Palermo. The duration of the trip is about 20 hours. For more information use the following link: Especially outside the high season this can be a good and economic alternative when you don’t want to drive all the way through Italy.

Apart from scheduled flights there are several low cost carriers with direct flights to Sicily. A site with all flights in Europe that can help to find cheap tickets is Google Flights.

Car rent
As there is no public transportation near the house it is advised to rent a car. This can be done via one of the following sites:

Economy Car Rentals
Holiday Cars

Some car rental organizations have an ‘own risk’ policy that is only mentioned at the time the car is picked up. For an extra fee this own risk can be insured as well but can introduce unexpected and considerable extra costs. The companies mentioned above have the advantage that they offer an ‘All inclusive’ insurance with no unexpected costs at a later time. With Economy Car Rentals you should select the 'Theft & Damage Excess Protection' package. This are the related terms and conditions of this package.

Scooter rent

When you want to do a trip by scooter of mountainbike these can be hired in Cefalu: Scooter for Rent

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About 5 kilometres outside of Cefalu there is a nice Aquapark

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